The Ultimate.

Subaru WRX STISubaru WRX STI is WRX, flexed.
With 221kW of power, 407Nm of torque, and a road-gripping low centre of gravity, the WRX STI delivers an exhilarating driving experience.
WRX STI is high performance and high precision, with a range of sophisticated tech at your fingertips. Its Multi-Function Display unit puts you in complete control while Subaru’s protective, predictive and preventative safety features make this one of the safest WRX STI’s Subaru has ever created.
Every bit comfortable and roomy as before, but with all the pure performance WRX STI is famous for, this is a car for drivers who live for the road.

Get a grip.

Subaru WRX STI powerfulGliding on straights or flung into corners, Subaru WRX STI is like a rocket on rails. Pure exhilaration. Effortless control.
And now, it has to be said, sleek sophistication.
Roomy and luxurious, the WRX STI’s instrument cluster features easy to read white needles and driver-eye-candy racing style dials. WRX STI’s signature colour scheme is there too – jet black with red highlights on gauges and stitching in the body-hugging sports seats.
WRX STI is fitted with a cutting-edge 7" integrated touchscreen infotainment with satellite navigation, Pandora® and Siri®1 compatibility plus Bluetooth®2 voice activation, all punched out through 8 harman kardon®3 speakers, subwoofer and amp.
The package is made complete with 18" alloy wheels, and for those who like their STI’s crossed and dotted, a rear spoiler.

1. Requires compatible Siri® enabled Apple® device to be paired with the infotainment system. 2. Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc. System operation ability is subject to Bluetooth® wireless technology specification of individual phone. 3. harman kardon® is a registered trademark of HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated.

The premium edge.

Subaru WRX STI premiumSubaru WRX STI Premium adds a number of enticing creature comforts, driver assists and innovative safety features to the fray.
Position yourself for action with an 8-way power seat, heated for your comfort of course, and peer into your auto-dimming rear view mirror before you commence your journey. WRX STI Premium also boasts de-icing front wipers and an electric sunroof.
WRX STI Premium also features Subaru’s Vision Assist, the latest in proactive safety technologies that incorporate blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, side view monitor, lane change assist and high beam assist to add to the long list of 5 star Subaru safety attributes.

Symmetrical Force of Power

Subaru WRX interiorOur All-Wheel Drive philosophy
Greater balance and control. That's the confidence you get from our unique Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive System, which delivers the drive distribution to all four wheels, all the time. Every Subaru WRX has an innate sense of balance from the ground up, thanks to a near perfect symmetrical layout.

Boxing Clever

Our famous Subaru Boxer engine
While most engines stand vertically, ours lay flat. The famous Subaru Boxer engine delivers handling like no other engine can. Sitting horizontally in the engine bay, it moves like a boxer’s fists with a punch and counterpunch action. Lightweight, low and flat, it makes for perfect balance and a much lower centre of gravity. It creates less noise and vibration too. All of this means better on-road handling for you. More stability. More performance. More fun. And a more confident drive.


Finest safety

5 star ANCAP safety across the range
With spirit, quality and imagination comes some serious safety innovation. We want every Subaru to be amongst the safest cars on the road. Engineered full of cutting-edge technologies and the most intelligent design features. It’s not a Subaru unless it carries the maximum 5 star ANCAP3 safety rating.

Eyes in the back of your head

Rear view reverse camera
Manoeuvring back into a tight side street? Family driveway littered with toys? Reverse with confidence, thanks to our rear view reverse camera technology. The rear view reverse camera is like having eyes in the back of your head. This greatly improves your visibility and reduces the risk of bumps and scrapes. Rear view reverse camera standard on every Subaru WRX and WRX Premium.

Yet another world first

Lineartronic™ CVT
Pushing innovation beyond the bounds, we introduced an automatic transmission with no discernable steps or shifts. We called it Lineartronic™ CVT. And it’s the reason our automatic models drive so smooth. It’s the world’s first longitudinally mounted system for AWD vehicles. Unlike a conventional automatic transmission – which uses fixed gear ratios – our Lineartronic™ CVT provides infinite variability between the highest and lowest available gears. So you now experience a smooth gear change, into any optimum gear for that moment. CVT available on Subaru WRX and WRX Premium.

Intelligently driven

Subaru Intelligent Drive
Heading to the shops? Taking on the Great Ocean Road? Each situation deserves a distinctive driving mode, so we crafted Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive) technology standard on all Subaru WRX CVT variants to do just that. Switch from smart, to sporty to even sportier. Intelligent (I) mode – perfect for everyday driving, Sport (S) mode – for enhanced acceleration and all-round sporty performance and Sport Sharp (S#) mode – for a truly thrilling drive.

Ultimate control in your hands

Multi-mode Driver’s Control Centre Differential (DCCD)
Do drive with confidence wherever your WRX STI takes you, from your daily city commute to rain soaked highways. Take control of your drive with Multi-mode DCCD, Subaru technology which optimises traction, handling response and all round performance. With four distinct modes, the driver controls the centre Limited Slip Differential (LSD) to match the conditions and their individual driving style. Exclusive to Subaru WRX STI, Multi-mode DCCD features Auto mode for all round driving performance. When things get slippery dial up Auto (+) mode for optimal traction in the wet, while Auto (-) lets you enjoy sharp handling in dry conditions. Or select Manual mode to put the power back in your own hands and match the control setting to your drive.

1. DataDotDNA® is a theft deterrent not a theft prevention mechanism. 2. Vehicles must be comprehensively insured. Terms and conditions apply. 3. The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) gives consumers consistent information on the level of occupant protection provided by vehicles in serious front and side crashes.

Immerse yourself.

Subaru WRX STI immerseSubaru WRX STI’s drive is matched by the experience in the cockpit thanks to a cuttingedge integrated infotainment system with its big, bright 7" LCD display. Make handsfree calls and play your favourite driving tunes through harman kardon®1 speakers with voice and touchscreen functionality. Bluetooth®2 wireless tech, satellite navigation and two USB connections are standard both on the WRX STI and WRX STI Premium variants, as is a rear view reverse camera.

1. harman kardon® is a registered trademark of HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated. 2. Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc. System operation ability is subject to Bluetooth® wireless technology specification of individual phone.

Optimise the ultimate.

Subaru WRX STI optimiseSubaru WRX STI drivers tend to be discerning, so we’ve got all the bells and whistles required to customise your pride and joy to exact requirements. Talk to your Subaru Retailer – they’re trained to professionally fit Genuine Subaru accessories.

A broad range of Thule® sport and cargo carrier accessories are available to match your lifestyle.

Tailor your WRX STI to your liking with a range of stylish interior and exterior options, including a range of STI performance products.

Protect your WRX STI with a range of products including carpet mat sets, cargo trays, car covers and rear bumper protectors.

+Drive assist, convenience and safety
Fit into those tricky parking spots with multifunction parking sensors. And for young families we offer baby seats that integrate with the WRX STI’s ISOFIX anchor points, along with model specific weather shields.

1. harmon kardon is a registered trademark of HARMAN International Industries Incorporated.
2. Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc. System operation ability is subject to Bluetooth® wireless technology specification of individual’s phone.
3. Some parts of the seating are not full natural leather.
4. Australasian New Car Assessment Program.

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