Jarvis Protection System

The Jarvis Protection System not only protects your car and your investment, it should increase its resale value… and give you a car that stays looking newer, longer!

The System provides a three year warranty on all external paint work, and all interior upholstery.

All new and used vehicles sold by Jarvis can be kept looking newer, longer, with the exclusive Jarvis Protection System.

To enquire about the Jarvis Protection System, please complete our online enquiry form or call (08) 8409 9240.

How does the System work? Before you take delivery of your vehicle, we apply three protective treatments to your car:


AstroglazeAstroglaze is a specially formulated paint sealant. It consistently gives your vehicle extra shine, but more importantly, covers your car with a rock hard protective coating that provides a barrier against road and weather factors which dull and deteriorate paint work.

Astroglaze preserves your car’s paint work, even through multiple washes. Astroglaze keeps your car looking newer, longer.


FabriguardFabriguard is a specially formulated treatment which shields upholstery from damaging stains by most common spills and soils including coffee, tea, soft drinks, ice cream, chocolate and pet stains.

It is a clear application which does not change the appearance or feel of the fabric, nor does it leave an odour when dried.

Leather & Vinylast

VinylastLeather & Vinylast is a specially formulated treatment which protects your vehicle’s leather and vinyl surfaces, sealing out grit and grime and screening out some of the sun’s
damaging ultra-violet rays.

It enriches these surfaces’ depth of colour, leaves a satin glow finish and keeps them looking newer, longer.

Protecting your investment

After your initial Protection System application, we contact you at eighteen months and thirty six months after your purchase to arrange for your vehicle’s Protection System reapplication service. This Includes:

  • Reapply Astroglaze sealant
  • Reapply Fabriguard
  • Reapply Leather & Vinylast
  • Deluxe car wash and chamois
  • Re-apply Astroglaze sealant
  • Vacuum interior carpets and seats
  • Clean dashboard and console

Bonus offer

In addition to the paint and fabric protection, reapplication services and three year warranty, you receive six deluxe car wash vouchers valid at Jarvis and valued at $60.

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