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Affordability Calculator



You can afford a purchase price of up to $36,608.80

The purpose of this calculator is to assist you in estimating a maximum loan amount. The figure provided is an estimate only, based upon the information you put into the calculator and certain assumptions made by Jarvis. It is not an assessment of the loan amount you can afford. The results generated do not constitute any representation, understanding or agreement by Jarvis or by any lender that you will be eligible for, or provided with, credit. Assumptions made by Jarvis in calculating the loan amount figure include that the loan will be for a fixed term, at fixed interest rate for the entire term, and with payment by fixed repayment amounts at a fixed repayment frequency, along with other assumptions such as how the interest is calculated. We need to make these assumptions as we cannot predict how these will change in the future. There may be other costs associated with a loan that this calculator does not account for, such as loan establishment fees and late payment fees.

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