a $5OO Fuel Card!

Win a $500 fuel voucher just by completing the Vehicle Manufacturer AND Jarvis customer satisfaction surveys. Customers who complete both surveys and also submit a Google review will receive 2 entries into our quarterly draw. Customers who submit a Jarvis customer satisfaction survey AND a Google review will receive 1 entry into the quarterly draw.

Each survey only requires you to answer a few questions. Entries are processed automatically.

You will receive the surveys in the next week via email. Your feedback is very important to us and helps us to improve the service we provide to you. Thank you in anticipation for completing the surveys and submitting your Google review and good luck in our competition.

Jarvis Subaru Competition Winners

Congratulations to our winners who, just by completing their Subaru Customer Satisfaction Survey, were automatically entered into our draw to win a $500 Fuel Card.

Steven & Sandra Cugly
Alicia Flowers
William Coad
Martin Pinno
Kathy Knowles
Christina Nazar
Ian & Christine Reichstein
Gaia Ricci
Leigh Duthy
Martin West
Michael Hansen
Ellen Eisenkolb
Greg Heath
Frank Keukenmeester
Carolyn Waterman
Angelo Grasso
Philip & Meredith Gay
Mariska Alberts
Andrew & Margaret Bills
Helen Manson
Horng Pin Chin
Bob Dixon
Glenys McNamara
Rowena Maxwell-Clark
Jean Nickels, Freda Kidman
Julie Byrne, Lucy Birss

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