It's what makes a Subaru, a Subaru

Our DNA is what makes Subaru different from every other car in the world, it’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru. It starts with the heart and soul of every Subaru – Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, a horizontally-opposed Boxer engine and the maximum five-star ANCAP occupant safety rating. Together, our technical innovations and safety credentials combine to deliver performance, enhance safety and maintain consistently excellent retained value for every Subaru owner. Here’s why:


Subaru DNA

Our Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and horizontally-opposed Boxer engine technology have been developed to work together to provide superior handling, performance and balance - which gives our Drivers greater confidence. Confidence that makes for pure driving pleasure.


Thanks to its uniquely balanced design, every Subaru is made to grip the road in just about any condition. A ring-shaped passenger safety cell and advanced crumple zone technology keeps Subaru Drivers and passengers safely cocooned. It’s part of the reason every Subaru is awarded a five-star ANCAP occupant safety rating – the highest occupant safety rating available in Australia – ensuring a worry-free trip, wherever you’re heading.

Subaru DNA

Retained Value

Excellent retained value is no accident. Subaru starts with outstanding cars, adds world famous advanced driving technologies and provides every owner with maximum five-star occupant safety. But it doesn’t end there. Our highly skilled service technicians at over 100 Subaru service centres around Australia ensure your Subaru is kept in peak condition at all times. Subaru has had an active focus on the retained value of all our models for many years. This is the result of delivering exceptional performance, safety technologies and DataDot™ theft protection to ensure that owning a Subaru is a good investment.

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