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To find out more about the benefits of Jarvis as an employer, listen to what our staff have to say and view the 'Welcome to Team Jarvis' video.

Careers at Jarvis

Jarvis provide all employees with exciting career opportunities with South Australias largest privately-owned dealer group. We understand that our people are critical to our success and we value the commitment and contributions our people make. This is further emphasised by the number of long-term employees we have throughout the organisation and is recognised on our honour boards located at each Jarvis dealership.

Jarvis is a people driven company, focused on providing an environment which creates loyal, satisfied customers and staff.

This is a statement we all take pride in and have the confidence in communicating.

Making a statement is one thing, living it is another. That is why at Jarvis, we also have a list of Core Values and Non-Negotiables.


  • Disciplined people, disciplined thought, disciplined action.
  • Always adhering to Jarvis policies and procedures.
Honesty & integrity
  • Towards customers and staff.
  • You only get one chance to make a first impression.
Goal Orientated
  • Every action must have relevance and purpose.
  • We're a performance driven culture.
  • Key Performance Indicators are to be achieved.
  • Shown to external and internal customers.
  • People don't care about what you know, until they know how much you care.
Work Ethic
  • History and current; consistency counts.
  • Performance driven teams perform at their best day in and day out.


  • We acknowledge all customers and staff within 3 metres of us.
  • We greet customers by their names.
  • Training is mandatory and everyone must participate.
Policies and Procedures
  • To deliver a consistent experience to our customers all Jarvis procedures must be adhered to.
  • Examples: The Jarvis 'Road to a Sale', Net Promoter Management, Service customer follow up, meet and greet etc., OH&S requirements.
Customer Experience
  • Customer's expectations (internal & external) must not only be met, but exceeded.
  • The first person in contact with a customer, owns the customer until their enquiry is fulfilled.
  • The answer is 'YES'; now what's the question?
  • Name badges to be worn at all locations, all the time.
Co-operation with all departments
  • All employees must work as a company employee, not a department employee.
  • Do not pass errors or problems on to other people or departments.
Effective Communication
  • Must be clear and concise, ensuring that the intended meaning of the communication is easily understood and all relevant information is included.
  • Be polite and professional at all times.
  • Attention to detail, particularly with written communication. Spelling and grammar should be checked before communication is sent and the use of slang, e.g. 'text speak' is to be avoided.
  • Encompasses all channels including email, written, phone, verbal and online.
  • Privacy. Please consider whether the privacy of any individual or group is being breached before communicating.

Jarvis is a people driven company, focused on providing an environment which creates loyal, satisfied customers and staff.

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