Recycled Paper

Where possible, 100% recycled paper is used for Jarvis printed stationery items. As new recycled paper products are introduced to the market, we are always willing to give them a go! For example, the paper on our service folders is created from a combination of recycled sugar cane and pulp from accredited sustainable forests!

We also recycle the many cardboard boxes received in our Parts & Service departments. These are collected weekly by an accredited environmental waste company so that the cardboard can be recycled into new products.

Recycled Paper


Recycled Water

As a result of the on-going drought and Adelaide’s high level water restrictions, large capacity rainwater tanks have been installed at Jarvis Gepps Cross, Norwood, Somerton Park and Kensington, primarily for hand washing the vehicles you see displayed at these locations.

Not only has this helped overcome the water restrictions, it has saved considerable amounts of mains water being used… and because the rain water which fills the tanks is relatively free of chlorine & chemicals , this has resulted in noticeably cleaner cars too!

The water used in the Jarvis mechanical car washes at Norwood and Gepps Cross are also connected to the rainwater tanks and after every car is washed, the water is captured, recycled and reused!

Waste Tyres & Batteries

Due to the nature of work in our Service Departments, there are a number of hazardous waste products which we arrange to be disposed of and/or recycled in the most environmentally friendly manner. These include:

Transpacific Cleanaway


Jarvis are committed to caring for the environment by ensuring the correct disposal of all our old tyres. When you purchase tyres from us, we are proud to arrange the environmentally sound disposal of your old tyres at no additional cost to you. We engage a third-party operator who disposes of your tyres in accordance with environmental and government regulations – Tyrecycle, Australia’s oldest and largest recycler of waste tyres and conveyor belts. Tyrecycle process your old tyres into useful products for various applications. The number of modern applications that now utilise the crumb from recycled tyres is ever increasing.

Rubber crumb, the recycled rubber from automotive tyres, is used in a range of innovative applications across Australia, including:

  • Road surfacing
  • Brake pads
  • Athletics tracks
  • Building insulation
  • Matting surfaces
  • Marine non-slip surfaces
  • Civil Engineering applications
  • Tile adhesives
  • Playground surfaces
  • Fuel for energy recovery
  • Sporting surfaces
  • Horse arenas
  • New tyre manufacture

For more information and to learn more about the recycling of your tyres please visit Tyrecycle


Old car batteries are collected from all of our locations, with the lead from inside the batteries being removed and used for sweltering.

Waste Oils, Lubricants & Coolant

J.J. Richards Total Waste Management Service

Waste oil and coolant from our Service Departments is stored and collected regularly by an accredited waste disposal company. Oil filters are also stored, collected & recycled, along with the metal containers they are stored in, which is then turned into new steel and new steel products. Every year, the Jarvis workshops use thousands of litres of oil and lubricants to keep our customers vehicles running reliably. A by-product of this part of our business is the waste oil that is generated. The handling and disposal of our used oils is just as important as the delivery and storage of the fresh oil. All sites have equipment and processes in place to ensure that the waste oil is efficiently collected from the work bays and transferred to holding tanks for collection.

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Exhaust Extraction

Our state of the art exhaust extraction systems are supplied by a company called Nederman, are sourced from Sweden and are proven to reduce the buildup of exhaust gases in confined workshops.

A large electric fan ensures that all gases are directed up through the filter and then to atmosphere. The filteration system, and is specifically designed to capture any smoke, airborne particles and odours without the gases leaving our workshops.

Jarvis Embraces Solar

Jarvis Embraces Solar

To stand by the commitment of an environmentally conscious company, Jarvis continues to implement and upgrade existing dealerships with solar power.

This initiative was started in 2007 with our rural Barossa dealership, and is an ongoing process, with our Norwood dealership the latest to have received state-of-the-art solar panels as part of our service centre upgrade.

Jarvis is a people driven company, focused on providing an environment which creates loyal, satisfied customers and staff.