GAP covers you if in the event your vehicle is written off due to an accident or stolen and not recovered. In these circumstances, a gap may still exist between the amount your insurer pays and the outstanding balance on your vehicle finance contract. You may also be faced with additional costs to buy a replacement vehicle. GAP cover is available to provide support in these situations.

Given that your vehicle has been financed, in the event that your vehicle is deemed a total loss through theft, fire or accident by your comprehensive insurer, GAP cover will insure the shortfall between your insurance payout and the outstanding loan balance, subject to the level of cover you choose.

GAP cover can provide up to $30,000 for the shortfall between the total loss settlement paid by the insurer and the amount remaining on the related loan balance. It can also provide up to $10,000 for extra costs associated with getting another vehicle on the road again.

GAP Cover is available in four different options:

Cover Option Maximum Benefit Extras - Up To

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