Switch on to the future

New Subaru Forester HybridThe self-charging Subaru Forester Hybrid boasts super responsive handling, impressive driving efficiency, great low-end performance and economical fuel consumption. All while delivering the engineering, entertainment, comfort, performance and spontaneous adventures Subaru Forester is famous for.

Packed with features

With Subaru Forester Hybrid, everything you love about Subaru’s medium SUV is even better.

The unmistakable e-Boxer technology is combined with the dynamic performance of Subaru’s legendary Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and exclusive styling including chrome look door handles and black rear garnish.

From the moment you press the accelerator, the Subaru Forester Hybrids express ingenuity. Boasting self-charging electric/petrol hybrid technology, the e-Boxer combination delivers better low-speed acceleration and torque combined with super responsive handling, impressive driving efficiency and lower fuel consumption1. Plus the drive is cleverly enhanced by Motor Assist, which automatically combines power sources under certain conditions, to improve the driving experience.

The end result, is a Subaru Forester to drive you into the future with renowned levels of comfort, convenience, safety and tech. Choose your level of luxury from Subaru Forester Hybrid L AWD or Forester Hybrid S AWD with large electric sunroof, leather accented seat trim and striking 18" alloy wheels.

  1. When compared to petrol-only variants
New Subaru Forester Hybrid

Self-charging on the go

New Subaru Forester Hybrid

E-Boxer combines an electric motor and high voltage battery with a petrol engine for better performance. Plus, self-charging technology captures kinetic energy while braking to recharge the battery.

A perfect match

Subaru e-Boxer technology gives you the freedom of plug-free, self-charging hybrid driving, which seamlessly teams power from a compact battery and electric motor, with the petrol engine.

A perfect match

New Subaru Forester Hybrid

Power from the compact battery and electric motor, assist the petrol engine – changing between Electric only, Motor Assist and Engine only driving modes to match the conditions.

3-way power

In certain conditions, such as when gently pulling away or driving slowly the electric motor powers the car. When cruising, the petrol engine is the most suitable power source. Meanwhile, e-Boxer’s Motor Assist can engage both power sources for an improved driving experience.

New Subaru Forester Hybrid

Framed to deliver

New Subaru Forester Hybrid

Delivering a linear, highly responsive drive with excellent handling and stability, the Subaru Forester Hybrid variants incorporate structural changes to enhance overall torsional and rear suspension rigidity.

Locked and loaded

The electric motor’s battery and other electrical components are positioned under the cargo floor, so they do not compromise cargo space, height or versatility.

New Subaru Forester Hybrid

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