Subaru wins Canstar Blue (397)

Subaru wins Canstar Blue (397)

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Subaru has won two customer satisfaction awards from respected retail finance researcher Canstar Blue, achieving outstanding five-star results.

Subaru retained its Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers Award for SUVs and 4WDs, for the second consecutive year, recording perfect five-star ratings for overall satisfaction, value-for-money, point of sale service, after sale service, reliability and performance.

In addition, Subaru also beat 11 other leading brands to win Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award for Performance, incorporating all vehicle models. The brand again achieved a perfect five stars.

“To record five-star ratings across the board is not only a fantastic achievement but also a great endorsement of the Subaru brand,” said Megan Doyle, Canstar Blue Business Unit Leader.

“We know that the performance of their new vehicle is of the utmost importance to SUV drivers, but they also want to know they are getting good value for money – and that’s exactly what they told us they are getting from Subaru.”

Subaru Australia Managing Director, Nick Senior, said: “We’re delighted to be awarded top ratings in both these categories by the most important audience of all – the customer.

“We are continually striving to enhance our customers’ experience in many ways. For example, our All 4 the Driver customer promise is designed to ensure consistency, quality and value at every touch point, whether it be via our lifetime Capped Price Servicing program, our five-star occupant safety commitment right across the Subaru range, or the durability and reliability of our cars.

“That’s reflected in Subaru having high levels of customer retention in the business.”

Mr Senior also said the Canstar Blue award follows industry recognition of its SUV range.

He added: “In our SUV range, Forester has been independently recognised multiple times by the national motoring organisations as a best car in its class, while new technologies such as fuel-saving Auto Stop Start in some XVs and the EyeSight driver assist system in some Outbacks are proof that our engineers are continually striving to enhance the customer experience in very real, yet affordable, ways.”

Mrs Doyle added: “This is the second year in a row that Subaru has received a very strong set of results in our SUVs and 4WDs awards category. Congratulations to everyone involved with Subaru – you are Subaru – you are clearly keeping your customers very happy indeed.”

About Canstar Blue

Canstar Blue was launched in July 2010 by CANSTAR. It is a researcher of retail finance information for more than 350 institutions across the finance sector.

Canstar Blue releases regular surveys to measure and track Australian consumer satisfaction to help consumers make the best purchasing decisions for their needs.

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