5 tips for making your tyres last longer

1. Air Pressure

Maintaining the correct air pressure in your vehicle's tyres is critical, not only for your safety, but in order to gain maximum life from your investment. While Jarvis Service & Tyre Centres will ensure your vehicle's tyres are inflated to the correct pressure at service time, it is a good idea to periodically check and adjust tyre pressures (including spare) yourself.

Make sure you inflate your tyres when cold and to the manufacturer's recommended pressure on your vehicle's tyre decal, usually found on or near the centre pillar (your owners handbook will tell you exactly) - NOT what is inscribed on the tyre. Doing this will ensure that the vehicle's load (mass) is spread efficiently across the tyre, giving maximum and even contact (and even wear) with the road surface.

2. Wheel Alignment

There are many reasons why your vehicle's wheel alignment can be comprimised. Poor road conditions including bumps and pot holes, steering component and suspension wear, and driving styles can all affect your wheel alignment and cause your tyres to wear unevenly and prematurely. Common signs of incorrect wheel alignment include your vehicle pulling to the left or right, steering wheel off centre, excessive tyre noise including sqealing when cornering and, of course, uneven tyre wear such as 'feathering'.

Allowing Jarvis Service & Tyre Centres to adjust your car's wheel alignment at each service can help to prevent premature and uneven tyre wear and, in turn, save you money.

3. Rotating and Balancing

Correctly rotating all of your vehicle's tyres (including spare if applicable) can help extend the life of your tyres. Depending on your vehicle, front and rear tyres will wear at different rates. Rotating your wheels and tyres with each service will help to share this wear over all of your tyres and can dramatically extend their life as a result.

Having your wheels balanced also helps to keep your wheels, and hence tyres, spinning smoothly and evenly. This will give you a smoother and safer driving experience as well as maintaining a good tyre life.

4. Driving Style

Your driving style can have a dramatic impact on the lifespan of your vehicle's tyres - not to mention your hip pocket! Consider accelerating and braking more smoothly as, when performed with excessive force, both will contribute to an increase in tyre wear. Cornering at lower speeds will also help to dramatically extend tyre life - as well as being safer.

Choosing the right kind of tyre to suit your vehicle and your driving style will also make a big difference. Ask our helpful Jarvis Service and Tyre Centre staff to help you make the right choice.

5. Vehicle Condition

Your vehicle's overall condition and roadworthiness will impact on tyre life. Regardless of make or model, there are many steering and suspension components involved in keeping all of your vehicle's wheels safely on the road surface. If any of these are worn or not working as they should, excessive tyre wear can occur. The usual culprits are worn shock absorbers and these can do a lot of damage, but many other components can contribute to abnormal tyre wear, including worn steeing rack ends, stabilisers, control arms and suspension springs.

Visually checking your tyre condition regularly can also help to identify any problems. Be sure to report any obvious or abnormal signs of wear to your nearest Jarvis Tyre & Service Centre.

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