Subaru STI

Subaru Tecnica International (STI) was created with the foremost task of establishing a full scale Subaru entry into the World Rally Championship. STI managed the contract to build the first factory Group A Liberty as well as developing much of the technology behind it.

At the same time STI were campaigning Liberty involved in the local Japanese domestic rally championship and from the beginning supported and worked with Possum Bourne when he ran the Group A Liberty and later the Impreza.

Interestingly Possum had a motorsport connection to Subaru several years before STI was formed.

STI supplied engines for the Group A Liberty and later the Impreza WRX and Impreza World Rally Car.

STI was still a small group in 1992 when the Impreza Group N car was first tested. It was at this time that Australian engineers started working on tests and events with STI engineers.

Overwhelmed by the success of what was initially a small group, Subaru has invested significantly in STI, given the people and the technology to support a diverse range of Subaru motorsport activities. Along with WRC, STI develops the Subaru technology and components behind the Production World Rally Championship, significant regional Rally Championships such as the ARC, and SCCA Pro Rally Series in the US. In the Japanese circuit STI supports teams in the All Japan GT Championship and Super Endurance Race Series.

Focusing on Group N Rally, Australia's outright rally class, STI controls the development, technology and homologation of the Subaru Group N vehicle competing in the PWRC, ARC and all Group N Rally Championships around the world. STI works closely with all the factory and leading Group N teams, intensively helping the teams to collectively develop the technology of their cars and each year co-ordinating the feedback from these teams into a more competitive set of parts or more advanced complete Impreza WRX STi vehicle for the next homologation. A lot of this technology also filters down from STI's involvement in the development of the WRC car. In fact this is the process that drives the development of the Subaru and especially Impreza WRX STi that you drive today.

So, from the beginning of the Group A and Group N Impreza, STI began developing a number of suspension and engine competition parts for race and rally. This has grown into a comprehensive STI catalog, covering Impreza and Liberty for dress up, performance and special motor sport parts.

Subaru and STI have won many times in the history of WRC and ARC competition, but the core technology and motorsport philosophy has remained the same.

Premium technology represents both excellent engineering and the intensive effort of all the people who work for STI and Subaru competition teams around the world with passion and craftsmanship.

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