Subaru STI drive train

SI-DRIVE (Subaru Intelligent Drive)

SI-DRIVE  enables the driver to choose three different engine map settings on the move.

The 3 modes are:

  • Intelligent Mode (I) - Smooth, efficient  economy driving;
  • Sport Mode (S) - All round performance;
  • Sport # Mode (S#) - Truly dynamic engine performance.

From the most responsive exhilarating performance mode (S#) to smooth operating city drive mode (I), you can now enjoy the potential of Impreza WRX STI engine in all situations.

Subaru constant All-Wheel Drive system

Having pioneered AWD technology since 1973, we’ve combined our track proven, constant AWD system with our new Subaru intelligent Chassis technology. The result is all four wheels clawing the road all the time.

6-speed Manual Transmission

The shift feeling of the transmission holds one of the key elements to enhance the driving pleasure of the new Impreza WRX STI. Based on a in-house developed 6-speed manual transmission which has already gained a reputation for its preciseness and durability, the shift feeling was even further enhanced right through to the matured performance level of the rev range.

Vehicle Handling Control Mechanism

The mechanisms that handle the huge power outputs in the new WRX STI are:

  • Subaru constant Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system
  • Horizontally-opposed Boxer Engine which features a  low center of gravity due to its flat configuration that helps enhance vehicle stability.
  • Symmetrical Drive train

All these elements are layed out in a symmetrical lay-out, this helps to enhance the structural merit of the power train against the cars handling.

Multi-mode DCCD (Driver’s Control Center Differential) type AWD

Multimode DCCD adds three new AUTO modes to the normal centre MANUAL mode to give you additional traction, handling response and all round performance. This technology lets you control the limited slip differential (LSD) to match the driving conditions or your driving style in an instant. Our World Rally Drivers are confronted with a wide variety of driving surfaces, from slip to grip and you have their technology at your fingertips to help cope with the drive home or on the open road.

Multi-Mode VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control) Stability System

Our advanced stability control system providing greater driver control and flexibility.

There are 3 modes – OFF, TRACTION and NORMAL.

Normal mode utilises the full system controlling power, braking and torque delivery to each wheel in emergency situations. Traction mode controls only braking and torque delivery whilst Off mode gives the driver  the option of operating the car without the assistance of VDC.

Front / Rear LSD’s (Limited Slip Differential)

To minimize the loss of torque distribution to the ground and maximize driving pleasure, highly responsive torque-sensitive LSD’s (Limited Slip Differential) were employed in both the front and rear axles.

Front Helical LSD

Torque binding effect is kept minimal so that the driver can easily anticipate the reaction of the vehicle under threshold situations.

Rear Torsen LSD

While the response is very quick, the torque binding effect is obtained smoothly so that it assists drivers to control the vehicle with ease. The find out more about Subaru Advanced Driving Technologies you can go to the Advanced Driving Technology section of the Subaru Australia website.

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