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Subaru Forester Service | 17/09/2012

The staff were straightforward and helpful and willing to move a bit on the price.

9 / 10

Subaru Impreza Purchase | 03/09/2012

Great Job servicing my car, was on time, and am very happy with the finished outcome.

10 / 10

Subaru XV Service | 31/08/2012

A very pleasant experience all round. Buying a new car can be an exciting but daunting experience especially for a woman on her own. It was nice to deal with Karina & I found her both professional & pleasant to do business with. Oh - & absolutely luuuuuv the car!!

10 / 10

Vehicle Purchase | 29/08/2012

For me, having the car washed was the main point of difference. This is not to discount the professionalism of the staff and the offer of refreshments when dropping off and picking up the car, which was much appreciated. My service experiences since driving Subaru's has generally been high with respect to staff conduct.


Subaru Forester Service | 29/08/2012

Jamie MacLaren was very helpful knowledgeable and friendly. He would be the main reason for me to recommend Jarvis Subaru.

8 / 10

Vehicle Purchase | 27/08/2012

Staff are very friendly and professional.
Car service was finished within expected time frame.
An added bonus was having our car cleaned and washed.
We travel from Macclesfield to Angaston to have our cars serviced because we have always felt we were being looked after honestly and respectfully.
Keep up the great work you do.


Vehicle Service | 24/08/2012

Dear Mr Collins,

I have previously lost my Rubi (silver 93 Impreza) fog collision that was a sad and unfortunate accident. I chose to listen to the signs and I chose to purchase a new car. I initially went to Eblens. I will leave it at that.

My partner said lets just try Jarvis Subi and we did.

I cannot tell you how amazing Bruce is, so I wont cos I know you have entrusted him with your good name. He is the person that I want to always deal with when I'm broken, upset and when I have no strength left to deal with a car dealer.

His team - WOW. From the first enquiry via phone - INTEGRITY and FOLLOW UP. Fantastic.

Bruce, Darren, Monique and Daniel are the Bomb. Even Brian - cos we both have something special in common - our babies - (pugs) and even Dan's half-bread (lol) he has a pugalier (lol).

They made me feel relaxed. They didn't make me feel inadequate, so comfortable I was never rushed and I'm a talker BUT they never said we have to go, they were so considerate to what I had already been through - they chose to help make a difference.

Your staff (4) stayed back after 6.30pm this evening to ensure I was a happy person - not customer as they understood that what I had experience was so disappointing. Like i said my Rubi has been with me for a very long time, she has more sentimental value that one could ever consider - she was all I had when I walked away for a 13 year bad relationship and she helped me find freedom and peace, so to lose her makes it hard to express. I have yet to say goodbye to her and that will be very hard.

Customer service impeccable. The best thing was they were open and they listened and I never once received an excuse.

Every time I asked a question that they had not been asked before - believe it or not I had a few (given my previous experience) they too loved learning with me. I cherish that experience.

My bad experience with the other dealership was picked up by the wings of Bruce and he showed us that this was not the way. He supported me legally and was someone I knew I was able to trust.

All the staff including the professionalism by the receptionist - WOW she was so lovely I felt the entire team were just that a Team, each hand over was transitioned to a ready and organised consultant.

Your staff just were unable to fathom the experience we had as they could not assimilate with his level of customer service, being that you have taught your staff to accept no less than what any professional service provider would. They are Number 1 in my books.

My most memorable part of my experience was that Darren had the courtesy to speak to my partner and he waited for me to finish with a smile on his face.

BUT most of all he walked me down to my car to ensure I got into my car safely. WOW what a guy (as this is exactly what my Steven would do). Darren is tops in my book for being a wonderful human and exceptional gentleman.

Here is the funny thing, I don't  collect my car until Thursday and I feel like I already have it.

Thank you so much for employing and spending the time to invest in your name and staff.

I think they are amazing.


Mandy Beinke



Subaru Forester Service | 24/08/2012

An all-round "good experience"! Not bad, considering I'd only ever bought one other car on my own before, so wasn't feeling all that confident initially. However, the help we received from the Jarvis Subaru team, especially Scott Taylor, made the process relatively smooth sailing!

10 / 10

Toyota Yaris Purchase | 15/08/2012

Really appreciated having the car cleaned as well. Car is running beautifully.

10 / 10

Subaru Forester Service | 13/08/2012

Great experience! It was a very smooth sale for us considering it was a very busy time for Jarvis Subaru with the eofy deals. Response was prompt and the eofy deal and pricing were what we were looking for. Thank you.

10 / 10

Vehicle Purchase | 08/08/2012

Very friendly staff. We were kept informed of the progress of servicing. Car cleaned.


Vehicle Purchase | 08/08/2012

Since the day I first walked in to Jarvis (Jan 2012) to buy my brand new Forester I have honestly found that every single dealing I have had with Jarvis West Terrace has been well above my hopes and expectations for friendly and professional service. Based on what I have experienced thus far I can not imagine purchasing a car from anywhere else. The price on my vehicle was excellent and the follow up experience has been outstanding!


Jarvis is a people driven company, focused on providing an environment which creates loyal, satisfied customers and staff.

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