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Vehicle Purchase | 13/08/2010

It was raining quite heavily when I arrived with my car last Wednesday 4th August and I was greeted by someone holding an umbrella! Also due to the rain my arrangements for getting back home were not possible, so I was given a lift home and then collected later when my car was ready. This really is exceptional service and is a credit to the organisation. Many thanks, Julian Whyte 


Vehicle Purchase | 11/08/2010

Staff are always helpful and give informative reports and are prepared to go above and beyond.


Vehicle Purchase | 06/08/2010

Full marks to Jodie for initial greeting, phoning me on the day to discuss extra work needed and then going through everything with me.


Vehicle Purchase | 04/08/2010

Jodie provided excellent service. She is very helpful and friendly. The check in was quick, they took me to work immediately and my car was finished on time, washed and ready to go.


Vehicle Purchase | 30/07/2010

Staff were great, service was excellent. My car was lovely and clean and the service was completed on time. 10 out of 10! Thank you.


Vehicle Purchase | 28/07/2010

You guys really make the customer feel important. Wish my whole life was as first class!


Vehicle Service | 23/07/2010

This is the only time that we have purchased a used vehicle from a car dealer and we are happy to say that we bought a nice car. However, both Jamie McLaren and Victoria Palmer helped to make our decision since they were very helpful and assisted in ways that we were not normally used to when dealing with used car sales people. We also got a very good deal and we are very happy with our purchase. We have already recommended to our friends...


Vehicle Purchase | 22/07/2010

After getting fobbed of by my regular Subaru Dealer, Jarvis who I had never dealt with previously, fast tracked my repair so I could get back on the road to Tassie. The manner in which every one associated with this dealership operated was professional, courteous and expedient. Thank you very much and I will even consider coming from Tassie to buy my next Subaru. Management should be proud of the wonderful team they have working for them.



Vehicle Purchase | 20/07/2010

I just wanted to send you an email to let you know about the exceptional service I was given by Nathan and Ashleigh of Jarvis Subaru last night.

When driving home I had some car troubles and Nathan was only too obliging to help and not only did he offer to help me but asked for Ashleigh to assist.

After working in customer service myself for the past 16 years it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to service and Nathan and Ashleigh's level of professionalism blew me away.

Nathan and Ashleigh arrived in separate cars. When Nathan got out of the car he introduced himself to me and introduced Ashleigh. He asked permission to get into my car to assess where the problem was. He efficiently opened the bonnet and explained to Ashleigh what he was looking for and why. Within 5 seconds he found what the problem was, explained it to Ashleigh and myself.

Nathan explained that the car would be safe to drive although he would not recommend I drive it, and suggested that he drive my car back to the dealership, he gave his keys to Ashleigh and said she could drive his car back and then offered Ashleigh's car to me. 

He asked if I was comfortable with this and then asked me if I had everything out of the car, he even asked if I had my house key off of my key ring. Nathan was incredibly professional, polite, decisive and solutions orientated. Very impressive. He at no stage made myself or Ashleigh feel as though he was "simplifying" what he was saying because we were females (which is very common).

Ashleigh then walked me to the car she was driving, and explained that the car was an automatic and very easy to drive, although the handbrake was unique. She asked me to sit in the car and she would go through it with me.  She explained in detail in a very effective way how to use the handbrake feature and asked if I was comfortable with everything before she closed the door for me. Ashleigh then sat in her car and waited until I drove away. Wow!

The levels of customer service, professionalism and team work that both showed were beyond anything that I would have expected. The sorts of behaviours that they demonstrated were innate and not something that you can teach to someone. The way in which they approached the situation was clearly so second nature to them.

Their levels of professionalism reminded me of the impact good customer service can have on someone. It has reminded me of how I can influence someone's day even though the interaction may be small. I would feel comfortable recommending anyone that I met either personally or professionally of their levels of service and for them to have their car serviced at Jarvis Subaru.

On a scale of 1 - 10 on the levels of service I would give both a 10.

On a scale of 1 - 10 on how likely it was for me to recommend them to another it would be a 10.

If I could score higher I would.

Please pass on my sincere thanks to both of them.


Vehicle Service | 20/07/2010

Jed Kerinn was brillant - a true asset to your company. He was very professional, helpful and accomodating the whole way through, from approaching me in in the yard to driving out of the showroom.


Vehicle Purchase | 16/07/2010

As usual, the service I received was great and the car was finished right on time. I was very impressed with the car wash this time - it came back glowing! I wouldn't mind finding out what it was washed with!


Vehicle Purchase | 12/07/2010

The staff were extremely courteous & professional. Willing & happy to help me out with transport which made what could have been a very trying day a lot better. The work appears to be of a very high standard.


Jarvis is a people driven company, focused on providing an environment which creates loyal, satisfied customers and staff.

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