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Vehicle Service | 30/06/2008
Hello Jack,

We sould like to thank you for your friendly service. Thank you for making this experience without pressure, easy and hassle free. Would highly recommend to family and friends.

We love our new car!
Go Subaru Outback!

Many Thanks.

Rob and Claudia Votino

Vehicle Service | 27/06/2008

Dear Peter, My husband and I have just recently purchased two Subaru vehicles from Jarvis Subaru at the Kensington branch. I wish to advise you that the custmoer service we received was outstanding. The professionalism of all the staff that provided us with the service was a credit to your company. The detailed information that we received about our purchases and the friendly manner of all the staff was exceptional, it was a pleasure to do business there! Mark Seedhouse (Sales Manager) should be commended on promoting such a high "Customer Service" management style to his team. A special mention to Jamie McLaren (Sales Consultant) who was our first contact and guided us throughout our enjoyable purchase process. We have and will continue to highly recommend Jarvis Subaru to our friends and family. We look forward to our continued relationship with your company. Regards, Wendy and Ken Moylan.


Vehicle Service | 23/06/2008
Good Morning Devlin,

I am writing to reccommend that Cabe Scott be awarded "Employee of the month / year" or the equivalent award for your organisation. His professionalism and friendly service was outstanding right through the process of purchasing a car from your dealership. From our first meeting of "just looking", Cabe provided excellent service, showing us all features and benefits of the Tribeca, arranging a test drive and then "doing the deal".

I would have no hesitation in purchasing further vehicles from Cabe,

Kind Regards.

Tony Rose

Vehicle Service | 23/06/2008
To whom it may concern:

This is a long overdue thankyou regarding the continuing great service I receive at Jarvis Subaru West Terrace. I would like to again commend the service I receive from your sales and financial staff, in particular Jack, Devlin and Greg. I was very impressed with the customer service and follow up service I received from Jack Williams when I purchased my previous vehicle from Jarvis Subaru.

When I was unfortunate enough to have my first Impreza written off by another driver and required a replacement vehicle, there was no other Subaru dealership I would have considered using to assist me me with a new car. Again Jack excelled in his customer service providing me with a new Impreza 2008 RS. Not only was he considerate to my requirements and requests, he was always prompt and friendly. Both Jack and Devlin were sympathetic to my accident and made the replacement process as smooth and painless as possible. They both make me feel comfortable and welcome every time I walk into the Jarvis Subaru showroom.

In this regard I would also like to thank Greg Motley who was an irreplaceable help dealing with the insurance and finance companies to ensure all the correct paperwork was completed prior to the collection of my replacement vehicle.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jarvis Subaru to friends and and acquaintances who are interested in purchasing a new Subaru and in particular I recommend Jack Williams for his consistently professional and friendly service. His service extends after the purchase of your new vehicle and he always follows up to make sure you're completely satisfied with your new car. He even helped my friend in starting her new Outback when her lights were left on and the battery was flat. Needless to say she was very impressed.

So a great big thank you Jack, Devlin and Greg, and bravo to Jarvis Subaru for having such fantastic staff.

Thanks again.

Kristi Moodie-Cook

Vehicle Service | 10/06/2008
Adam I just want to say a very big Thank you once again for all of your help, effort and professionalism. I really do appreciate how easy you made it for us and the wonderful service you provided. Everyone at work is thrilled with the car and very impressed! They were also impressed with the figure on the cheque lol

Thank you again Adam
Cheers Carley Ricketts-Jones

Vehicle Service | 01/05/2008
Hi Jed,

Here is my feedback on the Jarvis Website....

Firstly I googled Forester MY09 and then was taken to your website....I found the site very user friendly, loved the testimonials!

We were only interested in foresters and so these were sorted and allowed me to quickly find the cars that we wanted, the only fault (if it is one) that I could find was that when in the listing of cars I kept trying to use the internet up and down arrows (which wouldnt take me down lower to look at more cars available and so I turned the page missing the cars below....May just be me and I worked it out eventually!!!

Thanks again for a stress free buying experience!

Fiona Cannan

Vehicle Service | 23/04/2008
Dear Sir,

I take this opportunity to thanks you for a pleasant purchase experience of my Subaru with your salesman Mr Jack Williams.

I found Jack to be very approachable and professional in every way.

He explained every aspect in detail of both the purchase of the Vehicle and the finer details of running the vehicle.

Jack is always available to take my phone call in assistnace to my enquiries even after the sale of the vehicle was completed which is a very satisfying and pleasurable part of the service he provides showing Jack's dedication to his work.

I was referred to Jack Williams by a friend who purchased his vehicle from Jack and as also being part of very satisfied customer I have happily referred Jack to my friends for a very professional and confident Vehicle purchase with this gentleman.

I hope in the future that I can again return to find Jack at Jarvis Subaru to purchase my next Motor Vehicle.

Yours faithfully,

Ashley Paech

Vehicle Service | 22/04/2008
Dear Sir,

I have privilege in again writing to you as a return customer at you Subaru-West Terrace, Adelaide Dealership just one year from my first vehicle purchase of the same and to pay the highest tribute and recommendation to your sales person Mr Jack Williams.

My reasons to return to your dealership without any hesitation is because of the professionalism of Mr Williams and the outstanding service he provides in all aspects of dealing with the public. His consideration and thoughtful approach to customers is very seldom seen in any business, but not only ends at point of sale but extends far beyond the purchase. He is a true gentleman of honesty and great standing in this community.

In further, I would refer Mr Williams as an asset to your company to the point of following his impeccable opinion and trustworthy advice to where ever he is to venture if he so chooses to do so. I am more than happily satisfied with Subaru and its vehicle but am far more impressed by the service of Mr Williams as is the views shared by referred customers being friends and acquaintances.

At an end, and as a former company owner he is the pinnacle of any employer's work ethic and holding position sought by so many in these difficult and testing times we are in at present that he is an asset to your company. One would suggest that this type of employee would be highly sought after and in the same breath already having him work for you would be wise to keep in his sales capacity or any other position he so chooses or is offered by your company.

Yours faithfully,

Rick Landon

Vehicle Service | 20/03/2008
Whilst attending a wedding at the Hyatt Sanc.Cove GC.on Sat 15th March 08. we had the pleasure of joining your 'party on the beach' with Mondo Rock playing. In particular a very big well done goes to your company and with people like Peter & Karen from Jarvis Subaru S.A.we believe your company will go from strength to strength.They were truly a warm, wonderful couple. A good time was had by all... WELL DONE on a fantastic evening.

Vehicle Purchase | 03/03/2008
I was impressed by several offers of a ride into town in the morning. And impressed by the coffee available on waiting. As always, the car was appropriately dealt with, and remains a joy to drive. Could you please pass on my thanks to the team...

Vehicle Service | 14/12/2007
Dear Mr Scherer

I would like to write a letter of appreciation and to acknowledge the Service that both my husband and I experienced recently.

I made contact with Jarvis Subaru and spoke to Cabe Scott several months ago over the phone. Mainly for general information on the cost to purchase a Liberty. I have had a couple of Subaru’s in the past and have always found them to be a very good motor vehicle. Seven years ago I had and accident and was unable to replace my Liberty. Needless to sa 1 purchased a 2000 VT Commodore, as this was what we could afford at the time for a change over. Over this period of time I continued to have a desire for another Liberty even though the VT was a very good car to have.

After speaking to Cabe the change over was above what we had budgeted for, so we decided to leave it for the time being. However, last Saturday you had a Run- Out-Sale and thought it would be good to enquire again. We saw Cabe in person and decided to look at our options, once again the change over was a little too high. What really impressed me was the fact that at no stage did we feel pressured, let down or intimidated. Cabe accepted our options, went in and spoke to his manager and came back to explain that the deal was not for them. Cabe also took the time to introduced his manager, who was also polite and accepted our decision to delay our purchase for another 6 months.

I work in the retail industry, and customer service is everything, and I would just like to say a big thank you for the wonderful service we had received that morning. As you are now aware, you yourself came into the picture and offered the deal to us.

I love my new Liberty and as hard as it was to let my VT go, I will never forget the great experience we had with Cabe. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and your organization will always come highly recommended.

Can you please acknowledge the good salesmanship that Cabe gave us and we wish him all the best for the future with Jarvis Subaru.

We look forward to our future relationship with your team in the service department of our new Liberty.


Marrianne & Neil Hookings

Vehicle Service | 13/12/2007
Dear Ric,

Having worked for an organisation in which I was charged with "changing the culture" or to be more precise, introducing an alien concept known as "client service", it is something I look for in any organisation. When Subaru was taken over by 'the dark side' as I thought back in United's day, I was quite apprehensive about dealing with Jarvis (for no other reason than the unknown). We had bought a Forester from there (United) and had it serviced, along with my young daughter's Impreza (privately bought) - and still do to this day. When my eldest daughter married, we gave her and her husband our Forester, and reverted to driving our 1949 Morris Minor (at least by comparison). Our intention was to buy a new car; Subaru, Citroen, Honda, Renault, Lear Jet, or Ferrari.

We called in to Jarvis one day when we had been seriously considering buying a Honda, as I discovered later that a Lear Jet was out of the question, due to a few minor technicalities - I couldn't afford one; neither of us had a pilot's licence and we had no room in our carport for said jet. Despite previous inquiries re suitable stock, we drove past Jarvis and decide to "look around". A very pleasant young man named Matthew (I am sure you will be familiar with him) approached us and we assured him that we didn't want a car today - we were 'just looking'. Matt put NO pressure on us to buy or make a decision (I will not be pressured by anybody), but 'walked us through' some options, such as what was available, trade in, etc. but you know all this, because you're in the trade. Matt was most respectful of our position and made us feel at ease. I always think that the buyer is in the box seat, as it is she/he who will buy the product; the vendor will do most anything to make a sale. I would like to iterate that Matthew was not overbearing or threatening in any way, and still was able to sell us a vehicle, despite us not actively looking for one (I have the patience of a Chinaman and the bank account of a Sudanese refugee). Despite much water under the bridge (Mr Rann would like half that amount), I would like to record my appreciation to you and Matt for the way in which the transaction proceeded (bearing in mind my opening comments about client service - Matt had it all!).

Secondly, I have mentioned that I have been taking vehicles to West Terrace for service for some time now. I was very pleased when Daniel fronted up to the service desk, as I had had dealings with him in the past. I am sure I do not intimidate Daniel, so what he does for me is what he would do for any client. I find him to be a great example of client service; he is courteous, patient, explains things thoroughly, and in general is the sort of person I would have in my starting line-up if I were in business. Dealing with the public can often be frustrating to say the least. They (we) have two simple rules: Rule 1: The customer is always right; Rule 2: If in doubt, refer to rule 1. We want our needs to be attended to first (yesterday if possible), at half the quoted cost (preferably at no charge at all), and when we say "jump" the staff will jump first and ask "How high?" after. Daniel seems barely old enough to be able to catch a bus on his own, but he has a maturity well beyond his youth.

I have no desire to advise others on how to conduct their business, as opinions are just like backsides - everybody has one. All I can offer is that if I had my own business, I would seek out people like Matthew and Daniel, and ensure that I kept them. I am related to neither, and should add that these days, I prefer to drop the vehicle at the service centre and wait for it, which may take up to a few hours. I have found the staff very polite, and am always offered coffee, juices, or anything else, by several staff members; alas no beer!

In closing, I would make two comments: your staff at West Terrace are appreciated by me at least (and probably many others who do not have time to write or ring), especially two young but very capable ambassadors for whom I have the greatest respect and secondly, I will let people know when service is not as I would expect it.

Poor client service is not an exclusive product of the public service, and word of mouth is a very powerful advertising medium.

Well done, Ric, and may your organisation prosper, and long may you benefit from the good work of your employees.

Yours Truly,

Steve Maycock

Jarvis is a people driven company, focused on providing an environment which creates loyal, satisfied customers and staff.

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