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Vehicle Service | 21/04/2009

Hi Matt!

Thanks for your call earlier this week - sorry we missed it but out on the road!

873 gloriously enjoyable kms in our georgeous new rex since we left you and not so much as a nano-second of regret - you were so right! Cannot imagine life without our latest & greatest acquisition. We are truly besotted every time we drive it no matter how short the distance. After 2 weeks (already) we are still in awe of the Subaru brilliance. Reckon I could sell for you!

Dentist visit in Modbury last week has never been such fun. Despite the fact I didn't need any work done on my teeth it gave me a great excuse for a "drive" down via the hills. Loved every minute but its oh so addictive eh?

My Mum loves it too - in fact everyone does! Our eldest son Joel had his introduction Tues evening with a drive.

We are officially the wisest coolest "olds" ever! His driving style more yours than ours and with the true test on a somewhat challenging bend on the way home he also is totally convinced we have a "very nice car".

That accompanied by an insidious smile/grin throughout the whole drive
gave us his absolute seal of approval!

First wash today with all Macguire products has it shiny again. Half way through the second tank of fuel has left us in no doubt its not going to be about the economy but with all the fun we're having we seriously don't care too much!

Once again thanks for all your valuable assistance in (finally) having us on the road in such an inspiring vehicle. Your professional attention to every detail has us the envy of our friends and family but, most of all, having the absolute time of our lives!

Hope to see you sometime soon.

Julie and Mike

PS Hope all is continuing well at Portrush Rd for you.


Purchase | 14/04/2009
Hi, I was traveling through Adelaide from Perth to Melb, my WRX started to fail when just leaving Adelaide. I then found your Kensington Service Centre and Chris, the service manager. He was both helpful and entirely professional in assisting me with fitting my problem(s) into a very busy pre-Easter week, finding the needed parts, even when the only original part was in Sydney and his team working find the complete root cause of the failure, when it was intermittent and normal diagnostics failed to see the problem part. I think that Chris and the team at Jarvis Kensington are an example to all other service industries of what level they should aim for.

10 / 10

Vehicle Service | 09/04/2009
A few weeks ago on Thursday the 19th of Feb 09, my wife and I were relocating from Melbourne to WA. We were driving towards Adelaide when one wheel bearing was starting to make noise so we managed to find a Subaru dealership which was Jarvis Subaru 21 West Terrace in Adelaide. We arrived after-hours but there was still someone in the building: Dean Clark. After explaining the situation he helped us beyond expectation, rang the hotel nearby to book a room, gave us a drink and organized the car to be serviced the next morning so we could resume our journey as quickly as possible...
I just want to say a thousand thank yous for your help Dean and to the management that this guy has done an amazing customer service job (so donít forget him at the next pay rise!). I had previously had an extremely bad experience with Subaru in Melbourne... to a point I had no options to go and have my car serviced outside Subaru's network. So I was so happy to have found a Subaru dealership who was actually nice to it's customers but most importantly professional!!!!! Thank you for your excellence in services.

Vehicle Service | 25/03/2009
To Whom It May Concern:

In November 2008 I purchased a Subaru Liberty Wagon at your Adelaide office. During the final appointment I was advised that I would be contacted to complete a feedback survey.

I have been waiting and waiting for the call, but after 4-5 months realized that I must not have been selected to complete the survey.

I really wanted to pass on my feedback as I work also providing customer service in my role and know that there isnít too many occasions where customers take the time to write in to express their appreciation for the service they received. My Sales Consultant was Cabe Scott and this is the reason for this letter.

Professional, easy-going, friendly, helpful and reliable is some of the words that I think of when I look back on my many interactions with Cabe.

As Iím sure you know; purchasing a vehicle can be a very emotional and stressful time especially if you havenít been through the process before. In my case however, I had just started a new job and as part of my package I was able to select the type of vehicle that I would like for my work car. Fantastic I know Ė Iím still pinching myself that I get to drive a Subaru Liberty wagon around as part of my job! But letís just say a commercial purchase is not as straightforward as a personal purchase especially when my new workplace wasnít great at communicating what the process should be.

Cabe was very patient and helpful during this process but more than that, he proved that he wasnít just after a sale like some other delaers I dealt with because he has followed up on numerous occasions after the sale to ensure all is well with the car, to see how my new job is going, explaining the process of booking a service etc. Now thatís quality service!

Cabe also treated me and my partner by selecting us to receive box tickets to an Adelaide 36ers game. I would like to sincerely thank Jarvis for this treat, we had a fantastic time and thought Cabe was a fantastic host on the night.

As Jarvis is committed to providing quality customer service I wanted to ensure you received my feedback about my experience with Subaru and my consultant Cabe Scott and hope you recognise him for his exceptional service.

Kind Regards,

Donna Glass

Vehicle Service | 19/03/2009
I have nothing but the highest praise and appreciation to all staff at Jarvis from initial sale to my first 5000km service last week. The quality of customer service has been outstanding as well as follow up calls from staff members to ensure my purchasing satisfaction.

Thank you to all for you exceeding any expectations and providing the best customer service I have experienced in years.

Vehicle Service | 18/03/2009
To the General manager,

We would like to praise Jack Williams and Service Department.

We rang Jack and he came to our home in his own time on Sunday. He advised us what to do when bringing the car in.

Jack was very professional and helpful when selling us the car and the after sales service he has arranged for us, and loan car.

Thank you to the Service Department.

Elaine Pichler

Vehicle Service | 10/03/2009
Dear Mr Collins,

I recently purchased a Subaru Liberty from your dealership West Terrace and I am having so much fun with it!!
Never let it be said that cars are only boys toys. Lots of us ladies love them too (even though I still haven't finally worked out what all the gadgets are about, it's all part of the enjoyment.)
However, the real reason I am writing to you is that I want to highly praise the sales consultant with whom I dealt.
Matt Ellis NEVER ONCE made me feel under pressure to buy, was endlessly patient with my questions, put up with my really dreadful driving performance on the test drive with good humour (am much improved since!!) and made me feel relaxed and comfortable.
I'm mentioning this particularly because of previous patronising experiences at other car dealerships which caused me to approach yours with some trepidation, but particularly Matt and everyone with whom I came into contact were courteous and helpful.
Now I look forward to continued contact with you (and maybe soon will stop boring friends and acquaintances witless singing your praises!!)

Jenny Lawry

Purchase | 02/03/2009
The car was immaculate when I picked it up which is a wonderful bonus. The customer service and staff are wonderful, so helpful and polite - exceptional I would say. Both times I have had my car serviced I've been impressed - it's not often you get really good customer service these days! I highly recommend your service department to everyone I know.

10 / 10

Vehicle Purchase | 26/02/2009
I love the way your staff meet me in the morning as I arrive, I feel like royalty and make me feel like I am very important. Also the car looks lovely and clean and purrs beautifully, a bit soppy I know, but well done, fabulous service!!!

Vehicle Service | 23/02/2009
...the service provided by the staff at the Adelaide Dealership is second to none and I have never received such great service from a car dealership from the moment I walked in to enquire about purchasing the car to each service, I have no concerns about that side of the business and wanting to go back there nor recommending the service to others.

This sign of extra service has only reconfirmed by thoughts.

Thank you.


Vehicle Service | 18/02/2009
Just a note to tell you how much we love our new Impreza hatch. It is so easy to drive, and has just the right number of gadgets. As a matter of fact, it had more than we expected. We would like to express our appreciation to you for your prompt and professional service. You were pleasant and completely professional and we will recommend Jarvis to anyone who is interested in purchasing a car.
Frank & Janine Grbin

Purchase | 09/02/2009
‚ÄúI loved being able to book online, the staff were so friendly and the loan car was great. Jarvis made the whole thing so simple and easy for me. Thanks!‚ÄĚ

10 / 10

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