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Subaru WRXWelcome to Subaru’s iconic performance vehicle. The thrill of a turbocharged Boxer engine combined with the legendary grip of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD), in a distinctively muscular package. The Subaru WRX has grunt, 197kW power and 350Nm torque to be exact.

Every millimetre of the Subaru WRX is built for excitement. A thumping stereo, large LCD touchscreen, sports body kit, high tech driver assist features and the option of our Lineartronic® CVT automatic transmission.

Make every moment more thrilling, more fun and more exciting. Book your test drive today and get behind the wheel of a legend.

Leave boring behind

No one does performance like we do, and the Subaru WRX AWD is built for pure driving enjoyment. With a stylish and sophisticated interior surrounded by muscle car power and looks, this car oozes attitude.

If the sports mesh grille, 18" alloys, rear spoiler and bonnet scoop don’t command attention, the rumble of the Boxer engine will – delivering [email protected] of power and [email protected] of torque.

Subaru WRX power and precision

Arrival time? who cares

Subaru WRX Premium

Just when you thought your ride couldn’t get any better, the Subaru WRX Premium AWD delivers an electric sunroof, 8-way power driver’s seat, 7" LCD touchscreen and eight thumping Harman Kardon®1 speakers. The Subaru WRX Premium AWD also boasts Subaru’s suite of Vision Assist safety technologies, including Blind Spot Monitor, High Beam Assist, Lane Change Assist and more.

harman kardon® is a registered trademark of HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated.

Why WRX?

Symmetrical force of power

Our All-Wheel Drive philosophy greater balance and control. That’s the confidence you get from Subaru’s unique Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system, which delivers the drive distribution to all four wheels, all the time. Every Subaru WRX has an innate sense of balance from the ground up, thanks to a near perfect symmetrical layout.

Boxing clever

Our famous Subaru Boxer engine while most engines stand vertically, Subaru’s lay flat. The famous Subaru Boxer engine helps to deliver better handling. Sitting horizontally in the engine bay, the pistons move like a boxer’s fists with a punch and counterpunch action. Lightweight, low and flat, it makes for perfect balance and a much lower centre of gravity. It creates less noise and vibration too. All of this means better on-road handling for you. More stability. More performance. More fun. And a more confident drive.

Why Subaru WRX

Finest safety

5 star ANCAP safety across the WRX range with spirit, quality and imagination comes some serious safety innovation. We want every Subaru WRX to be amongst the safest cars on the road. Engineered full of cutting-edge technologies and the most intelligent design features. The Subaru WRX carries the maximum 5 star ANCAP1 safety rating.

Eyes in the back of your head

Rear view reverse camera manoeuvring back into a tight side street? Family driveway littered with toys? Reverse with confidence, thanks to Subaru’s rear view reverse camera technology. The rear view reverse camera is like having eyes in the back of your head. This greatly improves your visibility and reduces the risk of bumps and scrapes. A rear view reverse camera is standard across the Subaru WRX range.

Yet another world first

Lineartronic® CVT pushing innovation beyond the bounds, Subaru introduced an automatic transmission called Lineartronic® Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). And it’s the reason the automatic models drive so smooth. It’s the world’s first longitudinally mounted system for AWD vehicles. Unlike a conventional automatic transmission – which uses fixed gear ratios – the Lineartronic® CVT provides infinite variability between the highest and lowest available ratios. So you now experience a smoothness that also optimises the efficiency of the vehicle. For even more excitement, switch to manual mode for greater control to suit your driving style. Lineartronic® CVT is available across the Subaru WRX range.

Intelligently driven

Subaru Intelligent Drive heading to the shops? Taking on the Great Ocean Road? Each situation deserves a distinctive driving mode, so the Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive) technology was made standard on all Subaru WRX Lineartronic® CVT variants to let you choose the right mode for each situation. Switch from smart, to sporty to even sportier. Intelligent (I) mode – perfect for everyday driving, Sport (S) mode – for enhanced acceleration and all-round sporty performance and Sport Sharp (S#) mode – for a truly thrilling drive.

We’re looking out for you

EyeSight® Driver Assist Subaru was the first car company to exclusively use stereo camera technology to detect objects in our vehicles path. A sign of Subaru’s future-thinking and commitment to quality, technology and safety, EyeSight® Driver Assist is like your second pair of eyes, helping to spot potentially dangerous situations. If EyeSight® detects anything that might be of danger, it warns you audibly, urging you to take action and brake. EyeSight® is standard on Subaru WRX Lineartronic® CVT variants.

Clever thinking

Vision Assist imagine if your wing mirrors could alert you when there’s something in your blind spot. Or if your car could guide you almost perfectly into a parking spot. Subaru made all this and more happen with Subaru’s Vision Assist. Subaru’s suite of proactive safety technologies including Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Change Assist, High Beam Assist, Front View Monitor and Side View Monitor are always at work to help you feel safer on the road. Subaru’s Vision Assist technologies are standard on the Subaru WRX Premium AWD.

Attitude outside, luxury inside

Subaru WRX Interior

If you’re wielding 197kW of muscle car power inside iconic sports styling, you’re going to want luxury comfort. The leather steering wheel and gear shift gives you superior feel and control while sports bucket seats hug your body – all trimmed with red stitching. The Subaru WRX Premium AWD also offers heated front seats and black leather accented trim. Set the soundtrack and make handsfree calls through the large intuitive LCD touchscreen. A rear view reverse camera covers your rear just as satellite navigation on the Subaru WRX Premium AWD keeps you heading in the right direction. Whatever you do, it’ll never be boring.

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